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About Tri Amutianingsih

Full Name: Tri Amutiyaningsih
Nicknames: Tri, Amut
Birthdate: September 16, 1980
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Black (most of Asian people have dark eyes)
Height: 167 cm
Siblings: Two younger sisters, Rizky and Anissa

I learned English when I was eight and already fell in love with writing since I was seven. I was born in Jakarta in the year of 1980 and spent my childhood there until the age of 12 before moved to Indramayu. After graduated from High School, I continued my education in Bandung and took Tourism Management majority at Bandung Tourism of Institute (Enhaii). Between my college schedules, I kept writing, mostly with my experience spent in Solo and Yogyakarta. And after graduated from Enhaii, I worked at a bookstore and that made me more familiar with books and publishing. After got married and had kids, I returned to Indramayu and started to do online jobs for freelance translating and made my own blog.

The year 2009 was the first time I published my fiction work on the internet before finally getting published.

For more info about my books, visit my FB author page and FB book page


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