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Between Entertainment and Religion

Since the beginning of this year, there are at least two movies which surprise all the moviegoers and also public. A movie called ‘Noah’ starred by Russell Crowe had a lot of critics not only from moviegoers, but also from the religious leaders.


I’ve seen Noah movie and I must say it’s not really my cup of tea although it has some major plots according to some religion bibles, not to mention how he builds his ark. Even my country forbids this movie to show in theaters, but thanks to internet, I can get a peek on it.

After Noah, there’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale. Mr. Bale has good reputation in all the characters he played (even being Bruce Wayne) and in this movie he plays the Moses. Unlike Noah, this movie already showed in my country, but I haven’t watched it yet. According to some online reviews I’ve read, majority like the movie. Some major histories from the religion bibles are reportedly shown in this movie; probably including Moses rives the Red Sea.



Surprsingly, after Noah and Moses, and now it’s Isa the Prophet or the Christians called Jesus. This movie will be starred by Ewan McGregor and already in production. According the news, it will be showed in Sundance. I think it’s not for commercial.

Ewan McGregor as Jesus in 'Last Days in The Desert'

Ewan McGregor as Jesus in ‘Last Days in The Desert’

Aside from those three movies, there is also a TV series called ‘King Suleiman’ and it will be aired in my local channel. We all know who Suleiman/Sulaiman is. He is not just a king. His kingdom is the reason Europe is the centre of Moslem existence back then, and he is also the Prophet.

'King Suleiman' TV series

‘King Suleiman’ TV series

I remember back then when I was a kid during the fasting month, there were documentary series about the prophets, but they never dared showing the Prophet’s face. Only the voice. And now in the 21st century, everything is changed. I don’t know what’s wrong, but only hoping for the good.

Always remember to watch movies or series related to our belief with open-minded. And also to help us to know more about our religion’s bibles itself and getting us closer to our God. I know Noah movie is not close enough to what I’ve known, but how the movie showing ‘The Creator’ (that’s how Noah called his God) pours down the rain could give us an eye-opener on how small we are compared to the All Mighty.



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