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Danny The Dog, when music saves you

The Rain effect hasn’t left me yet. After watching him in The Prince and then watching some of Jet Li’s movies to refresh my memory, last night I watched this one. I remember this one when I wanted to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie in theaters. But, at that time I didn’t watch it because the title was not appealing for me. And then, after watching some of Master Li’s movies, I’m curious with this one.


Danny The Dog (later named Unleashed in some countries) tells a story about Danny (Jet Li) who has been treated like a human attack dog if the collar on his neck is unleashed since his childhood by a mob gang. At some point, he meets Sam (Morgan Freeman), a blind man who loves to play piano. Later on, Danny escapes from the gang and find Sam with his injured body. Sam and his daughter, Victoria (Kerry Condon), accept Danny with open arms and teach him everything about family. Danny, with his shut down emotions, seems to like music and the love that Sam and Victoria have for music helps him too. Their warmth changed Danny slowly. But, apparently his happiness with his new family doesn’t last long. One of his master’s men find him and forces Danny to go back to his former life and unexpectedly bring back Danny’s memory about his mother and learn the truth about her death and also why he ends up with the mob gang. Now, Danny must protect his new family from his former master.


Another impressive performance from Master Jet Li. After watching him in Romeo Must Die and seeing the timeline of his movies, Danny The Dog came out after his role in ‘Hero’. Damn, I watched that colossal movie at the theater with my sister. He’s very elegant and lethal and all as the assassin who his duty is to kill the Emperor. And in this movie, he turns into a childlike person, but in a man body. I must say Master Li really portrays the tormented person, both mentally and physically, really good. Morgan Freeman is superb. His character is not only as a father and guardian, but also as a wise man. Just like he said in the movie, it’s not easy to turn a boy into a man. Kerry Condon is also great too. She plays a witty, caring and warm teenager. Their chemistry is over the top. I really love all the scenes between Master Li and Morgan Freeman. They can portray father and son really well. And don’t forget all the cuteness between Master Li and Kerry Condon. There’s one scene when Victoria unleashes Danny’s collar. It’s a little bit intense first, but then turns into sweet and fluffy moment.

The music scores by Massive Attack are really fit with some scenes. It could get along with the classical music played from the piano.




317. Denni Cepnoi pes

The weakness of this movie is the background story. There are still unanswered questions about Danny’s past, like who his father is or what happened to her mother’s family. And the fighting scenes are quite brutal too. Not recommended watching this movie with your underage children.

Anyhow, after watching back and forth Jet Li’s movies, this one is really bring back another talent he has. I guess Hollywood movies really challenged him to play a lot of type of characters, not only just a hero like in Chinese movies (not that I don’t like it when he speaks with his native language). And another thing that impressed me is this movie is three years before Master Li played both as The Monkey King and The Silent Monk in 2008. I’ll review it tomorrow 🙂


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