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Romeo Must Die, when ‘Romeo’ still lives in the end

Several days ago, I watched a movie called The Prince and I saw an Asian superstar, Rain, there. It’s kind of sad, actually, because he is a celeb in Asia, but in Hollywood, he turns into a villain and ended with his death either. He reminds me to Jet Li which his first American movie is when he is the villain. Man, Jet Li is legend in Chinese movies. I’ve seen a lot of his work and most of them he still lives until the end of the movie because he is the hero. But, in Lethal Weapon 4, he seems like nobody.

Basic CMYK

That’s why I remember this movie. Actually, in my opinion, this is the only American movie which is his best. Not only has chemistry with his leading lady, the late Aaliyah (way much better than with his ‘wife’ in The One), but this is where he gets his vibe back.

The plot reminds us about the feud between two families, just like Romeo and Juliet, and the part where the children fell for each other too. Mix with martial arts and some twist in the end, I must say this movie has it all.

Romeo Must Die

I like how Master Li and Aaliyah potray their characters. Aaliyah potrays a witty and easy-going woman while Master Li potrays a Chinese man who good in martial arts, funny and surprisingly is good in flirting haha….

If only Aaliyah still lived at the time, Master Li and the director already planned a sequel. Too bad, it’s never going to happen.

Watching this movie is really a nostalgic moment for me, for it was released 14 years ago…also, the first uncommon couple on screen 🙂



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