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Anne vs Stephenie

Since the end of 2008, the world has been amazed by the phenomenon of a movie which told us about the love story between a girl with a vampire. The movie itself has been made to the next two sequels and it’s still considered as one of the box office movies in the early of 2000’s.

The movie called ‘Twilight’ and it was taken from the book with the same title by Stephenie Meyer. This movie seemed to wake up all of the audience about vampires because Ms. Meyer created vampire just like human being, not a dark creature like we used to know. And the most interesting part is vampires on Ms. Meyer’s world are not affected by sunlight and garlic, and they could enter someone’s house without being invited first. Those three basic ‘rules’ from vampires seare not being used in ‘Twilight’ world.

Recently Anne Rice, one of the authors in vampire world, bashes Stephenie and her works on the net. She said that ‘Twilight Saga’ is a complete failure. You can read the full article here.

I’ve read her book once and saw one of the movies with Mr. Cruise and Mr. Pitt as the actors who played the vampire. It’s a good book and I must say Twilight is a good book too. Ms. Meyer just wants to tell the story that vampires could also be good. I mean…even humans can turn to evil and why not vampires can turn to…good?

Like Ms. Rice said, it’s all just a fiction and her statement kept me wondering why she bashes the another author who writes about the same theme? It’s all just fiction. I bet she knew about Buffy, The Vampire Slayer? Or maybe Blade? Not to mention Underworld trilogy?

I was wondering when another author will bash Ms. Meyer because of her version in werewolf. I think it should have not turn into a big deal, though. Even I can make my own version of vampires if I had enough time to write a book.

Fiction’s world is amazing and full with imagination. Don’t bash another author just because they write about something different from the theme that we write. Or……is it because the money?????


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