Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Huan Zhu Princess/Princess Returning Pearl), Cinderella Chiung Yao’s version

Every girl’s dream is being a princess. Well, I guess every woman in their youth even dreamed to become a princess. Disney has several princesses, even Mulan presents Asian culture. But, there is another princess from Asia’s land. She is Huan Zhu Princess.

I’ve written about this story which turned into the phenomenal series back in 1998 until 1999 on the previous post. But, in this post, I’d like to discuss deeper.

Huan Zhu Ge Ge is written by Chiung Yao and inspired by a story about Emperor in Qin Dynasty who adopted a commoner to become a princess. Ms. Yao was so impressed when she heard about this commoner princess and based on the folk story, she wrote Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

Xiao Yan Zi, Huan Zhu Ge Ge

Xiao Yan Zi, Huan Zhu Ge Ge

In her version, Huan Zhu Ge Ge is Xiao Yan Zi (Hsiao Yence in popular pronunciation, means little swallow), a commoner who mistakenly recognized as The Emperor illegitimate child. The truth is Hsiao Yence is only helping Xia Ziwei (Hsia Cewei), the real Emperor’s daughter to deliver the message. By accident, Hsiao Yence was shot by an arrow from the 5th prince, Yong Qi (Yungchi) or Wu A Ge. Yungchi feels guilty and helps Hsiao Yence to meet with the Emperor. Being an orphan since young age, Hsiao Yence enjoys the attention given by the Emperor. But, life in the palace is not that simple. There are rules and also politics. Hsiao Yence struggles to adapt. From the male part, Hsiao Yence’s free and naïve behaviors quickly attracts the 5th prince and his classmate, Fu Ertai. Yungchi even already attracted to Hsiao Yence the moment he met again with the girl, already wore the princess dress, but holds himself because he thinks she is his sister. By the time he knows the truth, the prince turns into a man who fights for his love. Meanwhile, Cewei waits outside the palace wall and attracts Fu Ertai’s older brother, Fu Erkang.

The first season is a phenomenon in China for being the first series which has global audience around the world. It’s such an achievement considering the low budget and the actors and actresses are new comers. Zhao Wei who portrays Hsiao Yence just graduated from art school, while Alec Su already famous by being a boyband member. Huan Zhu Ge Ge is the first time for both of them to act, and it came out very good.

In the sequel, Hsiao Yence and Cewei along with Yungchi and Erkang meet with new people and also struggle to live in the palace after Empress Dowager comes home from her spiritual trip. The difference from the first part is in the second series, the four of them are already engaged and we can see how they try to maintain the relationship, especially for Hsiao Yence and Yungchi. The difference between them is so deep. So many arguments, but in the end, we can see how much they care for each other to bridge their differences.

The sequel is also a hit. Not only made fans idolized the couple, there were also rumors along them. At one point, it said Alec developed feelings for Vicki due to the intense working hours, but he can’t because Vicki already had a boyfriend. And then, when they meet again for Romance In The Rain, Alec suddenly pay attention to Ruby Lin, the one who portrays Cewei. I don’t know which one is correct, but when Alec finally reunites with Vicki to become judges for China’s Got Talent season 5 he told Vicki they can have so many on-screen partners, but the first one is still the most special. I guess the truth is Alec still holds his admiration for his former co-star.

Zhao Wei and Alec Su as Hsiao Yence and Yungchi. They are the classic couple for the fans.

Zhao Wei and Alec Su as Hsiao Yence and Yungchi in the first and second season. They are the classic couple for the fans.

Hsiao Yence and Yungchi in their Han clothing. They wear the clothes when they go out from the palace.

Hsiao Yence and Yungchi in their Han clothing. They wear the clothes when they go out from the palace.

In the third part, so many fans think the story is a downfall. Not only the series left by the three main casts, Chiung Yao also made Yungchi has to marry another woman in order to save his wife’s brother’s life. Even Yungchi’s decision to finally say goodbye to the palace and left his second wife to follow Hsiao Yence as he promised couldn’t cheer up the fans.

Louis Khoo and Huang Yi replace Alec Su and Zhao Wei as Hsiao Yence and Yunchi in the third series

Louis Khoo and Huang Yi replace Alec Su and Zhao Wei as Hsiao Yence and Yunchi in the third series

If I recall Chiung Yao’s works before Huan Zhu Ge Ge, she also made some characters become second wife and even I remember one story where the lead male character falls in love with his sister in law (Belenggu Pintu Cinta in Bahasa translation). Reading Chiung Yao’s works is like asking to ourselves what kind of love we do prefer. The easy one or the hard one.

It’s just really shocking for the fans after watching how deep Yungchi’s love is for Hsiao Yence from the previous two series and then he easily agrees to marry another woman. Alec Su who portrays Yungchi in the first two seasons said he respects how Ms. Yao wrote about Yungchi in the third installment even though he didn’t take the part anymore (Louis Khoo replaced him for the role), but if he could give his opinion, Yungchi would never do that to Hsiao Yence.

Speaking of casts, the third installment has major replacement casts. I only recognize Huang Yi who replaced Zhao Wei as Hsiao Yence and Louis Khoo whom I recognize from Romance In The Rain series. I saw Huang Yi in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon series while Louis Khoo, either coincidence or not, has work alongside the three main casts from Huan Zhu Ge Ge in Romance In The Rain. And one of them is Alec Su who is Wu A Ge himself. Well, that’s how showbiz goes, I guess.

Despite the fictional stories, some of the characters are real like The Emperor Qianlong, The Empress and the 5th prince. Even Chiung Yao included the real background family story. In real history, Yungchi is the son of a concubine, Yu Fei. His mother is not a favorite, but Yungchi is a hardworking and dutiful child, so he and his mother have a relatively good life. Yungchi lost his mother when he’s still young and he turns into a quiet and introvert boy. This trait is also used by Chiung Yao for her Yungchi in Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Her Yungchi is luckier. In real life, Yungchi never had a romantic relationship, while in her story, Yungchi is deeply in love with Hsiao Yence.

As for myself, I prefer the first and second season and for the third season, there are many fanfictions which taking Hsiao Yence’s side. I guess in the end, fanfiction made by fans or even Chiung Yao, Hsiao Yence will come out from the palace eventually and Yungchi will follow her (to match the real history in which Yungchi only lives until the age of 25). Just like the Empress said in the third installment, “The palace can hold the Emperor, wives, concubines, maids, servants, princesses and princes, but never a little swallow bird.”


Huan Zhu Ge Ge

Oh yes, I’m still on my Chinese-mode hype. Perhaps it’s the influence of some Chinese blood in my family. Actually, after watching those Wong Fei-Hung series and seeing his hairstyle, the long and braided, reminds me to this classic Chinese TV series, Huan Zhu Ge Ge (My Fair Princess/Princess Pearl in some translations).


This TV series based on the romance books written by Chiung Yao, the famous author in China. She’s famous in writing those romance heartwarming stories. Chiung Yao wrote Huan Zhu mixing between the fictional and the real characters during the Qin Dynasty. It has so many viewers both in China and worldwide and it’s a surprise to see there are a lot of Huan Zhu fans out there despite this series aired 16 years ago.

Huan Zhu tells a story about a commoner, Xiao Yan Zi (Hsiao Yence in some translations), who in some unexpected events meets a girl who claims to be The Emperor’s daughter, Xia Ziwei (Hsia Cewei in some languages). She wants to help Ziwei to tell the Emperor that she’s his daughter. But, in the day of the emperor’s family hunting trip, she gets hit by an arrow which shots by the 5th Prince (Wu A Ge/ Wu Ake) or Yong Qi/Yungchi. When she wakes up, the Emperor thinks Yan Zi is her daughter and gives her the title “Huan Zhu Ge Ge”. She decides to play along for a while, not realizing the real Huan Zhu Ge Ge is waiting outside the palace wall.

Vicky Zhao as Xiao Yan Zi

Vicky Zhao as Xiao Yan Zi

Ruby Lin as Xia Ziwei

Ruby Lin as Xia Ziwei

Alec Su as Yong Qi/ Wu A Ge

Alec Su as Yong Qi/ Wu A Ge

Zhou Jie as Fu Erkang

Zhou Jie as Fu Erkang

This series categorized as Wuxia, a genre which has period setting of China and mixed with kungfu. The series have 3 seasons. The previous two are playing by the same main casts while the third with whole new casts. The third gets a lot of negative critics because the story is so different than the previous two, not to mention the different casts. The only cast who still appears is Zhou Jie who plays Fu Erkang, the member of the royal guard in the previous two series.

Huan Zhu basically focused on the two “princesses”, Yan Zi and Ziwei, and their romance with the 5th prince and Fu Erkang. Romance and heartwarming scenes are all over the episodes. My fave character of course is Xiao Yan Zi. I always feel I’m more like her in a lot of things. The difference is she got a prince while I didn’t hehe…


Yong Qi and Yan Zi

Ziwei and Erkang

Ziwei and Erkang

600full-princess--returning-pearl--slash--my-fair-princess--slash--princess-pearl-screenshot (1)

The two young couples

The two young couples

Huan Zhu Ge Ge is really a high fiction because at the time, it’s very common for a man to have more than one wife. The term “you’re the only one in my heart” is really a high fantasy. But, hey…we need it as a distraction from real life, right?


Once Upon A Time In China, Jet Li before being a Hollywood star

Jet Li is recognized internationally after his role in Lethal Weapon 4 as the Asian Criminal Lord. Thanks to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hollywood finally glances to the talents from Asia. But, I’m sure not many people know about his iconic roles before he becomes Hollywood star. And one of his iconic roles is Wong Fei-Hung, a Chinese folk hero around 19th century when foreigners from Europe started to come to China, in Once Upon A Time In China series. I watched this series again and almost forgot how great he is and how cute his character is with his romantic interest.


In reality, Wong Fei-Hung married 4 times in his life, but in the series, we can see he has one romantic interest who he calls “13th aunt”. In Chinese tradition, it’s a very respectful family line. Fei-Hung and his aunt are around the same age and not blood related, although he calls her “aunt”. 13th aunt’s father (her name is Siu Kwan in the series) is sworn brother to Fei-Hung’s grandfather, so she considers as Fei-Hung’s elder and their romance is strictly forbidden. But, when love speaks, you can cross the boundaries.


Once Upon A Time in China has 6 movies, but to me (and I guess for Jet Li’s fans), it’s only 4 of them considered as the real series which is Once Upon A Time In China 1, 2, 3, and 6. Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan who portray Fei-Hung and Siu Kwan were absent in the two movies, but Miss Kwan is portray the 13th aunt in the fifth series without Jet Li.  They are teamed together in the last movie despite the absurdity of the story.

I love this series more than The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk where Jet Li is also played another Chinese folk hero. Not only the series have it all; romance, humor, and action; but, we can see how deep Fei-Hung’s feeling for his 13th aunt. Unlike Sai-yuk who has two wives (damn, I hate polygamy!), through the series we can see the development of their relationship. From seeing each other again when Siu Kwan returns to China after studying abroad (explaining the western clothes she often wears), travel together (with chaperone), and finally Fei Hung follows his heart to finally propose to Siu Kwan. There are no movie which shows them getting married, but I’m sure it will be interesting to see them as husband and wife. They are more like yin and yang. Complete each other.




I like a strong woman character, so it’s kind of different take here in Siu Kwan. She doesn’t know kungfu, more being saved often by Fei-Hung and his students, but I guess that’s the cute part of the story. For a woman who has no kungfu and being dragged into the world because the man you love is one of the kungfu masters, Siu Kwan has strong personality. During the series, she’s been kidnapped and seeing the brutality of battles, but in the end she always be in Fei-Hung side. And Fei-Hung himself doesn’t seem mind being her protector. It’s cute to see how he protects Siu Kwan in the series. Her safety is his top priority.



So, go watch this series and see Jet Li performs one of his iconic roles (and iconic theme. Do you know he performed some of Fei-Hung’s moves at Hongkong Handover Ceremony back in 1997?) way before he kicks some ass in Hollywood.


Pic source: Google and screencap

War, make a new life

According to Jet Li’s Wikipedia page, this movie is the lowest in revenue in the history of his career. And that’s the reason I want to watch this too.


War opens with duo detectives, Crawford (Statham) and Tom Lone (Terry Chen). They investigate a crime scene which suspected owned by Yakuza. After some gun fires, Crawford is cornered by a mysterious guy and then Lone saves him. Crawford suspects the mysterious man is Rogue, the Yakuza lethal hitman.

The next day, unexpectedly, the hitman give Lone a visit and kills his wife and daughter. Crawford who arrives in Lone’s house, burnt with three corpses, is very shocked and becomes obsessed on finding who the hitman is. Three years later through some cases, finally Crawford is face to face with Rogue (Jet Li). But, there are more than just an assassin in Rogue. After the killings and killings, Crawford and Rogue are in the middle of war between Triads and Yakuza.


On plotline, this movie has good twist and keep us guessing what the hell is Rogue doing. Statham is quite good while Jet Li is really impressive as always. I like how Jet Li dresses from the beginning until the end of the movie; black shirt, suit, pants, nice car and great bike. I love how he can become cold-hearted when he kills the people from both the Triads and Yakuza to get revenge. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that because it’s part of the movie.




As a moviegoer who already watched most of Master Li’s works, I must say I like this one too. I just don’t understand why this movie is flop in the box office. Jet Li brings another performance as a man in the grey area. And the way he wears those expensive suits, he could be an agent or something for future projects (note to Hollywood).

Just like Danny The Dog, prepare for the gory scenes of revenge from Rogue. I can’t say I blame him though. In the end, he just wants to make a new life.

The Sorcerer and The White Snake, the new take from the legendary myth

Another Chinese folklore starred by our master Jet Li. The story about The White Snake and her mortal lover.


This story is quite popular. Just like The Monkey King, it’s also has some versions, The one that I saw when I was in junior high is focused on the love story between Pai Su Chen and Han Wen (Xu Xien in some versions).


And don’t forget Siau Ching (Qingqing), the green snake, Pai Su Chen’s sister.


The myth itself tells a story about a snake demon who falls in love with a mortal. Their love is breaking the rules and from the other side, there’s Fahai, the powerful monk, who his duty is to maintain the order of the mortal world against the demons. When Fahai finally meets Pai Su Chen, the legendary battle happens.


This movie is more or less close enough to the myth itself. It’s balance between Pai Su Chen and Master Fahai’s point of view. Unlike the TV series I watched years ago, this movie makes us to choose either to sympathize for Pai Su Chen or support Master Fahai in destroying demons. Added with the amazing music scores and the special effects which way much better than the version I watched in the 90s. It’s great to see Jet Li doing his moves, and as a monk. A powerful one, that is. And, I guess it’s hard not to sympathize for Jet Li, right?


The Forbidden Kingdom, the journey to free The Monkey King

As promised, now it’s time to review another Jet Li’s movie. This one is special because it’s not 100% American movie. He speaks both English and Chinese, but unlike Romeo Must Die, Master Li is not a son of a businessman. He plays two characters at once. Another thing that makes this movie special is the first time we see him and Jackie Chan in one screen. Two master legends in one movie? Hell, yes!! And the last, it tells about Chinese legend, The Monkey King (or Son Go Kong/Sun Wu Kong).


For those of you who not really familiar with the legend, Go Kong or The Monkey King is one of the immortals who accompany Thong Sam Chong, the monk, to take journey to the west searching for the holy bible. As for myself, I saw some versions of the series during my teenage time. The one I like the most is when Dicky Cheung plays as Go Kong. He’s the perfect Go Kong for me. Smart, naughty, but loyal to Sam Chong.


Dicky Cheung as The Monkey King in 90’s TV series

The one thing unforgettable from the series is the crown which Go Kong wears. It was gifted for Sam Chong by Kwan-Im, the beautiful goddess in Chinese folklore. The goddess also tells Sam Chong a mantra to keep Go Kong obeys him when he thinks the immortal is out of the line. The effect for Go Kong when Sam Chong speaks the mantra is he will feel a lot of pain.

Go Kong's crown

Go Kong’s crown

As immortal, Go Kong can’t be killed and his kungfu is really great. He also has magic through the fur in his body. His famous golden staff is also from one of his fur. Another famous trick he has he can make illusion of himself from only a single fur. Quite handy, eh?

Now, back to the movie. It tells us about a teenager, Jason (Michael Angarano), who is obsessed with kungfu and everything related to Chinese martial arts. He has an old Chinese friend, who he calls Hop (Jackie Chan) where he gets a lot of Chinese movies. In a visit, he accidentally discovers the hidden room in Hop’s store and sees a golden staff which he knows it’s not an ordinary staff. But, Hop ushers him to go home. His obsession often becomes the mocking between his friends until a gang forces him to help them rob the store. After some misfits (now I used the word), the wounded Hop gives Jason the staff and tells him to ‘give it to the rightful owner’. Jason tries to escape from the gang holding the golden staff. In a top of the building, between the matter of life and death, the staff suddenly hums and pushes Jason from the top. Jason wakes up in the ancient Chinese with the golden staff which later he finds out it belongs to The Monkey King and he must use it to free the immortal.

During his journey, Jason meets the Drunken Immortal, Lu Yan (also plays by Jackie Chan), who tells Jason about The Monkey King and why he must free him (and from the footage we learn it portrays by Jet Li), and the Orphan Girl. Later on, the three meet a mysterious monk (yes, also plays by Master Jet Li) who steals the staff from Jason and has a fight with Lu Yan before he claims he is ‘on a mission to find the seeker of the staff’. After learning the truth that Jason is the seeker, the four of them begin the journey to the Jade Warlord’s castle where Go Kong is trapped. Also, finally Jason can learn the real kungfu.

the-forbidden-kingdom (1)


The music scores are amazing. Don’t ask about Jet Li and Jackie Chan in one screen. The fight scene is quite intense, 5 minutes full without stopping. There are some funny scenes too between these two masters. We also meet with another Chinese folklore, The Bride with The White Hair. She’s famous with her long white hair and her hatred towards men.


This is the movie where both Jackie Chan and Jet Li not wearing modern clothes, but speaks both English and Chinese. Like I said, this movie is after Master Li plays in Danny The Dog. You can see another transformation he has. The most unforgettable part from this movie is the TWIST.


There’s a reason why Jet Li portrays both The Monkey King and The Silent Monk. And it’s best for you to watch it to find out because it’s no fun if I tell you here ehee…

Danny The Dog, when music saves you

The Rain effect hasn’t left me yet. After watching him in The Prince and then watching some of Jet Li’s movies to refresh my memory, last night I watched this one. I remember this one when I wanted to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie in theaters. But, at that time I didn’t watch it because the title was not appealing for me. And then, after watching some of Master Li’s movies, I’m curious with this one.


Danny The Dog (later named Unleashed in some countries) tells a story about Danny (Jet Li) who has been treated like a human attack dog if the collar on his neck is unleashed since his childhood by a mob gang. At some point, he meets Sam (Morgan Freeman), a blind man who loves to play piano. Later on, Danny escapes from the gang and find Sam with his injured body. Sam and his daughter, Victoria (Kerry Condon), accept Danny with open arms and teach him everything about family. Danny, with his shut down emotions, seems to like music and the love that Sam and Victoria have for music helps him too. Their warmth changed Danny slowly. But, apparently his happiness with his new family doesn’t last long. One of his master’s men find him and forces Danny to go back to his former life and unexpectedly bring back Danny’s memory about his mother and learn the truth about her death and also why he ends up with the mob gang. Now, Danny must protect his new family from his former master.


Another impressive performance from Master Jet Li. After watching him in Romeo Must Die and seeing the timeline of his movies, Danny The Dog came out after his role in ‘Hero’. Damn, I watched that colossal movie at the theater with my sister. He’s very elegant and lethal and all as the assassin who his duty is to kill the Emperor. And in this movie, he turns into a childlike person, but in a man body. I must say Master Li really portrays the tormented person, both mentally and physically, really good. Morgan Freeman is superb. His character is not only as a father and guardian, but also as a wise man. Just like he said in the movie, it’s not easy to turn a boy into a man. Kerry Condon is also great too. She plays a witty, caring and warm teenager. Their chemistry is over the top. I really love all the scenes between Master Li and Morgan Freeman. They can portray father and son really well. And don’t forget all the cuteness between Master Li and Kerry Condon. There’s one scene when Victoria unleashes Danny’s collar. It’s a little bit intense first, but then turns into sweet and fluffy moment.

The music scores by Massive Attack are really fit with some scenes. It could get along with the classical music played from the piano.




317. Denni Cepnoi pes

The weakness of this movie is the background story. There are still unanswered questions about Danny’s past, like who his father is or what happened to her mother’s family. And the fighting scenes are quite brutal too. Not recommended watching this movie with your underage children.

Anyhow, after watching back and forth Jet Li’s movies, this one is really bring back another talent he has. I guess Hollywood movies really challenged him to play a lot of type of characters, not only just a hero like in Chinese movies (not that I don’t like it when he speaks with his native language). And another thing that impressed me is this movie is three years before Master Li played both as The Monkey King and The Silent Monk in 2008. I’ll review it tomorrow :)

Ocean Heaven, the story about a father and his autistic son

Autism is one condition which needs special treatment and until now there’s no cure for it. Autism also often made as a joke. But, I guarantee after you watched this movie, you’ll think twice to use Autism as a joke for your friend.


Another surprise thing is Jet Li is in it. Can you believe that? From all of his work, this movie is the first time, even for me, seeing him as ordinary people. Not a warrior or good in martial art. Surprise? Well, I did. I just found out about this movie when I checked Master Li’s official Facebook page and also found out he got a lot of positive reviews, and not with his character with martial art skills.

Ocean Heaven tells a story about a father with serious illness and his autistic son. He realizes his time is running out, so he tries his best to find someone or to prepare things for his autistic son after he passed away.


So many emotional scenes, you might get cry watching how caring and patient Jet Li’s character is. I even cried several times when I watched this movie.


Very recommended to watch, especially for those of you who want to see Jet Li as a very ordinary person in a movie.


Oh, and don’t forget your Kleenex!

Romeo Must Die, when ‘Romeo’ still lives in the end

Several days ago, I watched a movie called The Prince and I saw an Asian superstar, Rain, there. It’s kind of sad, actually, because he is a celeb in Asia, but in Hollywood, he turns into a villain and ended with his death either. He reminds me to Jet Li which his first American movie is when he is the villain. Man, Jet Li is legend in Chinese movies. I’ve seen a lot of his work and most of them he still lives until the end of the movie because he is the hero. But, in Lethal Weapon 4, he seems like nobody.

Basic CMYK

That’s why I remember this movie. Actually, in my opinion, this is the only American movie which is his best. Not only has chemistry with his leading lady, the late Aaliyah (way much better than with his ‘wife’ in The One), but this is where he gets his vibe back.

The plot reminds us about the feud between two families, just like Romeo and Juliet, and the part where the children fell for each other too. Mix with martial arts and some twist in the end, I must say this movie has it all.

Romeo Must Die

I like how Master Li and Aaliyah potray their characters. Aaliyah potrays a witty and easy-going woman while Master Li potrays a Chinese man who good in martial arts, funny and surprisingly is good in flirting haha….

If only Aaliyah still lived at the time, Master Li and the director already planned a sequel. Too bad, it’s never going to happen.

Watching this movie is really a nostalgic moment for me, for it was released 14 years ago…also, the first uncommon couple on screen :)


Her Legend, perjalanan seorang desainer tas menggapai impian

Her-Legend-Poster3 Again, gara-gara kepoin Kim Jeong Hoon jadinya nonton juga dorama ini. Dan nonton yang ini justru sebelum nonton Dummy Mommy padahal lebih duluan dorama yang itu jadinya rada timpang melihat karakter Oppa yang sangat sweet dibanding disini. Well, not that he isn’t sweet, tapi memang karakternya berbeda sekali dari yang bikin saya kesengsem di Dummy Mommy. Drama ini bercerita tentang dua wanita yang bertukar nasib…yah, mirip-mirip Putri Huan Zhu gitu,  dan seorang pria kaya raya yang akhirnya belajar untuk menghargai hidup. Eun Jong Soo yang berjuang agar mimpinya menjadi desainer tas terkenal, Do Jin Hoo sang pewaris perusahaan tas Shin Hwa (di doramanya namanya itu) dan Eun Kyung Hee yang menggunakan segala cara agar impiannya bisa tercapai.

Do Jin Hoo

Do Jin Hoo

Bisa dibilang drama ini memang mainstream. At the beginning, you endure a lot of pain, and then you meet the guy, and you have feelings, and then the drama begins haha…. Dorama ini walaupun mainstream, tapi alurnya termasuk apik. Menceritakan Jung Soo sejak kecil, remaja dan berjumpa dengan Jin Hoo, kemudian dewasa, jadi part-timer di Shin Hwa (lucky woman diperhatikan dua atasannya, Jin Hoo dan Min Ki), sampai akhirnya bisa launching tas desainnya sendiri. Di perjalanan itu banyak aral melintang, tapi Jung Soo selalu optimis dan akhirnya bisa mencapai impiannya…dengan support Jin Hoo (dan Min Ki) tentunya. Memberi pesan moral just go after what we like to do and give our best shot. Dorama ini ditonton untuk senang-senang saja dan banyak adegan yang chemistrynya menurut saya ‘missed’; terutama di bagian ketika kakek Jin Hoo meninggal, suasana sedihnya gak dapet sama sekali. Agak terselamatkan dengan scene ketika Jin Hoo seperti menyadari keberadaan Jung Soo yang bersembunyi di sekitar rumahnya walaupun ia tidak bisa melihat Jung Soo. Menyiratkan bahwa dua sejoli ini walaupun sedang dirundung masalah dalam hubungannya, tapi punya ikatan batin. I like it!

But hey, even so, I get to see Jeong Hoon in suit and tie almost in every episodes, so I don’t mind hehe…Tapi, walaupun untuk senang-senang, yang namanya dorama pasti ada adegan yang bikin bejek-bejek guling/bantal. Well, scenes antara Jung Soo dan Kyung Hee sudah bisa memberikan itu semua. That’s why I said beda banget sama Dummy Mommy yang bener-bener menguras emosi. Her Legend bisa ditebak jalan ceritanya dan endingnya pun kurang memuaskan walopun kita tahu Jung Soo akhirnya memilih siapa. Banyak adegan dan dialog yang kocak antara Jung Soo dan Jin Hoo. I think this is the way to show us they are really a match ;) Saya sendiri banyak dibuat tertawa dengan kekonyolan Jin Hoo yang unpredictable, terutama di saat dia mulai memberikan perhatian kepada Jung Soo. Seiring cerita berjalan, diketahui juga kalau Jin Hoo sudah menaruh hati kepada Jung Soo sejak dia masih remaja, di saat pertama kali berjumpa dengannya. Scenes dramanya juga lumayan kuat walaupun tidak sekuat Dummy Mommy. At least, we can feel the brief relationship turbulence between Jin Hoo and Jung Soo. 

Eun Jong Soo and Do Jin Hoo

Eun Jong Soo and Do Jin Hoo

hl2 hl Again, berbanding terbalik di Dummy Mommy yang karakternya Oppa is totally a man who falls in love with his first love and being a doctor, disini dibagi antara jadi CEO dan laki-laki yang mencintai seorang wanita. Tapi, suka juga sih dengan penampilan Oppa Jeong Hoon. Seperti di Dummy Mommy, disini juga terlihat Jeong Hoon yang semakin dewasa. Apalagi dorama ini keluar sesudah perannya di Dummy Mommy. Totally upgrade dari sejak penampilannya di Princess Hours dan beberapa doramanya sebelum wajib militer. Itung-itung nungguin serial barunya lagi, ‘City of The Sun’, yang akan segera produksi :) And one more thing..I’m sure this pic might change your mind to at least take a peek this dorama :D 1403617739-kiss-o


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